Local Taxes

Working to not increase county resident’s taxes.
Work to help reduce our local county government's reliance on residential tax revenue.
Work and engage state and county officials to improve our commercial and industrial revenue.

Businesses and Jobs

Work to establish a dialogue with the Economic Development Committee to understand how their strategic plan incorporates new industrial and commercial businesses to the county to improve the livable wages and career opportunities.
Work to establish a partnership with the Economic Development Department on their existing efforts to make Charles County small business friendly again.


Work to be an integral part of the dialogue with regard to the current infrastructure for local and commuter transportation.


Continue to work in collaboration with the local and state housing agencies to improve the propensity for the underserved to acquire affordable housing.
Establish a relationship with local social services agency to understand and find ways to improve homelessness in our county.

Development and Environment

Continue to work on the concerns of the citizens with regard to the (WCD) Watershed Conservation District.

Public Safety

Continue the current dialogue with law enforcement concerning the penalties for crimes involving firearms.
Work with the local healthcare providers and government agencies to expand the services for mental health, drug, and substance abuse.
Work to ensure that the relationship with our public servants (fire, police, sheriff, and rescue) continues in a positive direction amidst the current social challenges.


Work with the elected Board of Education members, superintendent to continue the dialog for the successful educational outcomes of our students.
Work with the Board of Education to ensure our teachers and support personnel salaries are comprisable with other school systems.
Foster community involvement and create partnerships for a countywide mentoring program.

Youth and Senior Services

Work in collaboration with county government, community service agency and local nonprofits to establish a partnership with Southern Maryland Boys and Girls Club for an affordable before and after care school program.
Establish a joint effort of community recreational facilities throughout the county for our youth and seniors.